Hunting in the Zirkel Wilderness

This is a first-class fully-guided tent camp in the Zirkel wilderness area. Our tent camps are reserved sites assigned by the United States Forest Service set in game-rich primitive areas. Our camps are comfortable and provide the necessary amenities while maintaining the integrity of the wilderness setting. Hunting from this camp is by horseback and foot only - there is no motorized traffic in these wilderness areas.

One guide is provided for every two hunters. Hearty home-style meals (meat, potato, veggies, and dessert) are prepared by our camp cooks. These are 7-day trips with 5 full days of hunting. Your harvested game will be packed out to the base camp or off the mountain when your hunt is over. Our guides are experienced and very knowledgeable of the area.

Upon arrival at SLO you will be briefed on horse safety, the hunting area, SLO policy and the importance of preserving our natural resources and primitive wilderness for future generations. Upon arrival at the drop camp, hunters will again be briefed by the guides on the hunting area, safety, and the practice of low impact camping.

Wilderness Guided 2015 Dates and Prices

Hunt Pack In Date Hunting Dates Pack Out Date
1st Hunt Aug. 27 or 28 Aug. 29 - Sep. 2 Sep. 3 or 4
2nd Hunt Sep. 3 or 4 Sep. 5 - Sep. 9 Sep. 10 or 11
3rd Hunt Sep. 10 or 11 Sep. 12 - Sep. 16 Sep. 17 or 18
4th Hunt Sep. 17 or 18 Sep. 19 - Sep. 20 Sep. 21 or 22
Price: $4,000.00 ($2,000.00 deposit)per person
Muzzle Loader
Hunt Pack In Date Hunting Dates Pack Out Date
1 Hunt Sep. 11 or 12 Sep. 13 - Sep. 17 Sep. 18 or 19
Price: $4,000.00 ($2,000.00 deposit)per person
Season Pack In Date Hunting Dates Pack Out Date
1st Season Oct. 8 or 9 Oct. 10 - Oct. 14 Oct. 15 or 16
2nd Season Oct. 15 or 16 Oct. 17 - Oct. 21 Oct. 22 or 23
Price: $4,000.00 ($2,000.00 deposit)per person

If you are putting in for a draw tag for elk or deer please make sure you print the proper hunt code number on your application. See the Hunt Codes section below for details.

Hunt Codes

Deer (either sex) DE003O1A
Elk (either sex) Unlimited - Units #214 & #14
Muzzle Loading
Deer DM003O1M
Elk EM01401M
1st Season (Draw - Elk Only)
First choice (either sex) EE01401R
Second choice (Cow) EF014O1R
2nd Season
First choice (cow) EF014O2R
Second choice (cow) N/A
Bull Available over the counter


We are constantly asked about proper guidelines for gratuities since it is uncomfortable for hunters to talk about it during the hunt. A common guideline for a guided hunt is 15% of the hunt price if you feel you were provided with good service during your hunt, 10% going to the guide and 5% going to a distribution between packers, and camp help. A common guideline for drop camp hunters is 15% of the total price for the packers and their assistants. This amount can obviously be adjusted up or down depending on the circumstances.

Hunting Contract

Ready to book your hunt? The first step is to download and fill out our hunting contract. Click here to download our hunting contract (PDF format). Then, return the contract to us at the address provided.